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Surf Forecast for Newport Beach

Sea state, wave height and direction Newport Beach
We provide you with the latest data of sea water conditions for Newport Beach for an accurate surf forecast. We take into consideration wave height, sea state and wind direction so you can have all the information about your destination before you reach the beach.

Sea temperature in Newport Beach
0-3 h
1.16 m
3.81 ft
Partly Cloudy
3-6 h
1.53 m
5.02 ft
Partly Cloudy
6-9 h
1.88 m
6.17 ft
Patchy rain nearby
9-12 h
1.89 m
6.2 ft
Patchy rain nearby
12-15 h
1.8 m
5.91 ft
Patchy rain nearby
15-18 h
1.7 m
5.58 ft
Light rain shower
18-21 h
1.57 m
5.15 ft
Patchy rain nearby
21-0 h
1.45 m
4.76 ft
Patchy rain nearby

State of the sea

0 - Calm Sea - Sea surface is calm with a mirror stillness
1 - Ripple Effect - Sea surface has a slight ripple and a slight breeze
2 - Smooth Sea - Sea surface is smooth but wavelets begin to form
3 - Gentle Breeze - Sea surface broken with large wavelets
4 - Moderate Force - Sea surface wind picking up speed and small waves becoming longer
5 - Choppy Sea - Sea surface becoming rough and moderate waves crashing
6 - Rough Sea - Sea surface broken with large waves
7 - High Wind - Moderate gale with strong winds
8 - Gale Force Wind - high waves and strong winds
9 - Stormy Weather - high waves impede visibility

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Our report for Newport Beach is compiled using satellite data together with in-situ observations to get the most reliable daily data of sea surface temperatures, water temperatures, surf forecasts, current temperatures and weather forecasts.